Amazon MSF

The Aswani Lachmandas Group is associated with the E-commerce Giant Amazon as its Multi Seller Flex operator in Cochin and as a Prione (Amazon subsidiary company) Franchisee. When Amazon was looking for a reliable partner to provide Fulfillment services to its sellers in Kerala, this tie-up materialized and we were able to provide local Kerala based sellers with valuable services. Sellers wishing to take their brand Online can seek a perfect partner to support their pursuit. Our team assists sellers in making the decision to go online, provide them with Onboarding, Cataloguing ,Account Management services. Since there is no Fulfillment centre of Amazon in Cochin, Sellers now have an option to inward their products into the Cochin Multi Seller Flex warehouse run by the Aswani Lachmandas Group. They can then immediately get the PRIME Tag which boosts their visibility on Amazon and provides confidence to millions of consumers. We further provide them with Picking, Packing, Storage and Returns management services which ensures that they can focus on the Core marketing of their products and leave the rest to us to our experienced and specialized team. We currently process between 500-700 orders and have delighted over 350+ local Kerala based sellers.